Twenty Twelve Civils Recent Projects


Universal Shelters, Newcastle upon Tyne

Installation of new 'Universal' Shelters During August and September 2020, Twenty Twelve Civils are installing the latest version of Clear Channel UK’s ‘Universal’ shelter, in Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding area. The new Universal’s, replace existing shelters and incorporate a two-sided digital advertising screen at one end of the structure. The ‘build in situ’ Universals is a two-day build process, with six to eight new units being completed weekly. See more pictures below of some of our shelters in place. [...]


Toilet Removal: Queens Street, Swindon

Removal of Toilet Unit, in Queens St, Swindon As part of the ongoing programme to remove APT toilet units from various locations in the UK, Twenty Twelve Civils were tasked with removing this unit in Queens Street, Swindon. A pedestrianised walkway, enclosed by buildings on both sides and with bollards, lamp columns and established trees at both ends. Due to the restricted nature of the site, Queens street was temporarily closed and several bollards removed to permit access for a low loader to detach a trailer unit next to the toilet and [...]


Project Kiosk: For New World Pay Phones

Project Kiosk in association with Clear Channel UK Ltd In October 2016 Twenty Twelve Civils, in association with Clear Channel UK Ltd, commenced the first phase of ‘Project Kiosk’. The replacement of up to 1000 existing, elderly Wi-Fi telephone kiosks, throughout central and greater London, with the new ‘Amscreen’ Kiosk and Information Centre. The smart, new, illuminated Kiosk has Wi-Fi internet access, a conventional payphone and interactive Information portal on the front of the unit and on the back of new the kiosk, the latest digital advertising screen. Kiosks also have a ‘handed’ side screen [...]


Toilet Removal: For Bowmer and Kirkland

Removal of 12 Tonne Toilet Unit, For Bowmer and Kirkland / CCUK Ltd June 2016 As part of the Network Rail redevelopment of the approach to Slough Station, Twenty Twelve Civils were asked to remove this mobile toilet unit from a site designated for new office accommodation. Much of the basement for the new office block had already been constructed, leaving restricted access to remove the ‘stranded’ 12-tonne unit. Twenty Twelve Civils were tasked with the disconnection and capping of all mains services, prior to removing the toilet and with the aid of a 120-tonne mobile crane, transferring [...]


Project Digital: For Clear Channel UK Ltd

Project Digital: For Clear Channel UK Ltd Commencing: April 2015 - Ongoing To date Twenty Twelve Civils Ltd have installed over 750 digital units on this project throughout the UK.  The latest CCUK DS70 digital advertising units replacing existing poster and scroller units currently installed in the nations bus shelters and on the public footway. The work requires the termination of the existing incoming power supply to the shelter or structure, the removal of the existing advertising unit and the construction a new re-enforced foundation. The new unit can then be fitted, an upgraded power supply [...]

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